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The company was founded in 2006 in Schleswig-Holsten after laying the groundwork and comprehensive preparation. From 2007 the office has been located in Neumünster, Germany. In 2016, Zukunft® relocated to Bühl in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Owner and consultant

Karsten Jacobs has worked in the service business for over 30 years, 25 of which in service management and 10 years in a consulting role. As a senior executive, member of the management board and interim manager, he also worked as an authorised signatory. He has extensive experience in the capital goods industry, mechanical engineering and the components and OEM business. His international profile in service management is topped off with work in Germany, Europe, North America, North Africa, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia and Thailand. Visit his LinkedIn profile for more information about his career.


Zukunft® mainly works with customers in Germany and Europe, but we also work internationally as part of certain projects. Our customers book us for one-day events, such as workshops or service meetings or even for several months; we support companies with business development processes or as for the purpose of management coaching year on year.


Fresh ideas and new approaches from a service expert without “company blinkers” and with a great wealth of experience from a variety of industries, companies and projects. These are the main benefits named by customers from working together with our company.


We stand out from the usual business consultants. On the one hand due to being specialised in aftersales service, technical service and notably due to our practical orientation. Zukunft®’s owner and consultant himself has worked in the service business in direct contact with customers for many years and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to service.

Consulting modules

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Revenue & Profit
New Service World
Service Portfolio
Partner Programme
Service International
Satisfied Customers
Processes & Administration
Structure & Functions
Your Team
Transparency & KPI’s
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