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Select your version!

We offer three different versions of this consulting module:

  • Compact

  • Complete

  • Intensive

They differ in the scope of preparations, number of activities, elaboration of results and the type of collective follow-up work and documentation.


All versions of the Total consulting module have the objective setting in common, for example:

  • Professional organisational setup: Service channels, types, performance and quality

  • Comprehensive service concept to differentiate from the competition, “USP” service

  • Corporate success is supported with very good revenue and profit contribution

  • Attaining a very high level of customer satisfaction, customers as a positive multiplier.

  • Full control of service management via a service management system

  • ...

Defining objectives, surveying and discussing the initial situation are done at the start of the project and is part of the joint preparation.

Activities and results

You’ll select the scope of our activities, the results, the follow-up work and our part in implementation with the version of the Total consulting module.


Find out all the details about our approaches by requesting our “ServiceZukunft® consulting modules” brochure. Alternatively, we would be happy to prepare an individual quote for you. Please contact us using the chat option or via our contact form.

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