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Customer experience with your service crucially determines your customers’ satisfaction.

In turn, satisfaction is decisive in the future of your business relationship.

The design of everything that comes after the purchase also plays a big role for potential customers. Therefore, companies would be wise to get their services into shape. This is additionally rewarded with increased, stable revenue from the service. There is no reason not to tackle this topic.

We’ll support you in determining your current position and treading the ServiceZukunft path. We’ve developed a variety of approaches for this which are described in brief on our website. 

Come with us into the service future and exploit the potential of your technical service!

Consulting modules

Overall Approach
Revenue & Profit
New Service World
Service Portfolio
Partner Programme
Service International
Satisfied Customers
Processes & Administration
Structure & Functions
Your Team
Transparency & KPI’s
Management Instrument


New location

We come from the far north, those who already know us know that the roots of Zukunft® lie in Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. We’ve relocated to beautiful Bühl in Baden to be closer to our customers and for a more central position in the middle of Europe. We love the Black Forest and are also happy about the nearby airport in Rheinmünster (FKB/Karlsruhe).